Ph.D. in Bioinformatics
May 2020 (expected)
Advisor: Dr. Gavin Conant
North Carolina State University (NCSU), Raleigh NC, USA
M.S. in Biological Engineering
Jul 2014
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Gillis
University of Missouri – Columbia (MU), Columbia MO, USA
B.S. in Biological Science
Jul 2012
Advisor: Dr. Suxia Li
East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), Shanghai China

Research projects

See here for a list of my projects.
My talk on youtube & youku in Chinese [中文]

Courses taken

Fall 2018

GN756 Computational Molecular Evolution

Spring 2018

ST590 Bioinformatics II
ST810 Bioinformatics Consulting

Fall 2017

GN701 Molecular Genetics

Fall 2016

AnSci9423 Genetics of Populations
Stat7110 Statistical Software & Data Analysis
Stat7750 Introduction to Probability Theory

Spring 2016

Stat7710 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics

Fall 2015

Infoinst7010 Computational Methods in Bioinformatics
Stat8220 Applied Statistical Models 2

Spring 2015

CmpSc7380 Database Management System I
Infoinst8810 Research Methods in Informatics

Fall 2014

AnSci8633 Molecular Evolution
Infoinst8001 Introduction to Informatics
Stat7510 Applied Statistical Models 1

Fall 2012

BioSc8440 Integrative Neuroscience 1
BiolEn8001 Frontiers in Ultrasensitive Bio-detection
BiolEn8402 Research Methods
Mpp9426 Transmembrane Signaling

Spring 2012

BioSc8442 Integrative Neuroscience 2
BiolEn7380 Applied Electronic Instrumentation
BiolEn8001 Microscopic Imaging

Fall 2011

BiolEn7070 Bioelectricity
BiolEn7570 Fluorescent Imaging
BiolEn4980 Biological Engineering Design