PhD projects:

Advisor: Dr. Gavin Conant

Polyploidy and plant genome evolution

I am studying the molecular evolution of post-polyploidization Brassica species including B. rapa, B. olecarea and B. napus.

Status: data analysis

Emery et al. 2018. Preferential retention of genes from one parental genome after polyploidy illustrates the nature and scope of the genomic conflicts induced by hybridization. PLoS Genet 14(3):e1007267
Hao et al. 2018. Patterns of population variation in two paleopolyploid eudicot lineages suggest that dosage-based selection on homeologs is long-lived. Genome Biol Evol 10(3):999-1011

Mammalian genome evolution

Baby Genomics: tracing the evolutionary changes that gave rise to placentation.

Status: data analysis and writing

Ovine ruminal metagenomics

Wolff et al. 2017. Diet shifts provoke complex and variable changes in the metabolic networks of the ruminal microbiome. Microbiome 5(1):60

Status: completed

Side projects:

Consulting project for ST810

Differential gene expression in the brains of wild island and laboratory mouse strains. In consultation with Nicolette Petervary and Dr. John Godwin.

Status: completed


An R Shiny app for Mendelian Randomization with Biomarker Associations for Causality with Outcomes.

Status: in development


An R package that classifies cells and clusters in single-cell RNA sequencing experiments using reference bulk RNA-seq data sets, gene signatures or marker genes.

Status: in development